Main image for LD06 LIDAR Module

LD06 LIDAR Module

Extracting position data from a low cost LD06 LIDAR module.

Main image for LaserCat 9000

LaserCat 9000

Want to play with your cat while at work? Well the LaserCat 9000 is for you! Well... probably not, but think of all the other uses around the house for a remote controlled laser!

Main image for Tcl Script Cheatsheet

Tcl Script Cheatsheet

Tcl (Tool command language) is a high level interpreted language that is commonly used by FPGA development tools. This article covers the basics of using Tcl.

Main image for Controlling I2C Devices from U-Boot

Controlling I2C Devices from U-Boot

The I2C command in U-Boot allows reading and writing to I2C devices connected to an embedded system. This can be very useful for testing devices or quickly reading/writing values stored in I2C EEPROMs.

Main image for Using the Raspberry Pi Pico on Ubuntu

Using the Raspberry Pi Pico on Ubuntu

Instructions for programming the Raspberry Pi Pico in C/C++ using a Ubuntu development machine.

Main image for Cascaded integrator–comb (CIC) filters

Cascaded integrator–comb (CIC) filters

CIC filters are computationally efficient implementations of narrowband lowpass filters. They are particularly suited for use as an anti-aliasing filter when decimating or an anti-image filter when interpolating. CIC filters are well suited for implementation in FPGAs and ASICs as they only require addition and subtraction operations and not multiplication.

Main image for Cheap LED Torch Repair

Cheap LED Torch Repair

Attempting to fix a broken torch... Yes really!

Main image for Bluetooth controlled LED flashing Frisbee

Bluetooth controlled LED flashing Frisbee

A few friends and I decided it would be a good idea to make a light-up Frisbee so we could continue playing with it after it became dark. I decided to take it a step further and add control of the lights by via Bluetooth!

Main image for Using an HD44780 alphanumeric LCD screen

Using an HD44780 alphanumeric LCD screen

The Hitachi HD44780 is an LCD screen controller used to control small alphanumeric LCD displays. This post details how to control these displays.