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Main image for Building an Embedded Linux OS

Building an Embedded Linux OS

Instructions for building an a Debian based operating system for the Intel DE10 nano FPGA SoC development board. S mainline version of both u-boot and the Linux kernel are used.

Main image for Using OpenStreetMap Offline

Using OpenStreetMap Offline

Setting up OpenStreetMap for use as part of an offline application can be a bit confusing. This article covers the full process.

Main image for Docker Cheatsheet

Docker Cheatsheet

A short summary of the most common docker commands.

Main image for Git Cheatsheet

Git Cheatsheet

Dear future self, if you are reading this it looks like you have forgotten how to do something in Git again... Don't worry, it happens; this page has been created just for you!

Main image for Download a local copy of the CentOS 7 repositories

Download a local copy of the CentOS 7 repositories

Instructions for downloading a local copy of the CentOS 7 repositories. This is useful when you have an isolated development network or many local clients requiring updates.

Main image for Using Git offline

Using Git offline

Some companies use an isolated network or even the complete lack of a network as a security measure to protect from unauthorized access. Working on these systems can be a struggle but it is still possible, and perhaps even more important, to use a proper version control tool like Git.

Main image for Website password security

Website password security

There has been a lot in the news recently about websites being ‘hacked’ and login details being stolen. Once a site is breached the method in which the login data was stored becomes very important, and determines how easy it is for the hackers to gain access to people’s passwords.